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    Quality is key

    Commitment towards safe, cost-effective and high quality fruit and vegetables is at the heart of our strategy. Together with our suppliers and clients we are continuously aiming to achieve the highest possible quality and safety standards of our produce.

    Quality control

    Together with our partners we control the quality of our produce at packing in Europe, Africa and America, upon its arrival in major European ports as well as at arrival and departure to and from any one of our warehouses

    Food Safety

    Proper food handling procedures applied during produce picking, packing, handling, storage, and distribution is paramount. Every day we strive to make sure that us and all our partners comply with established standards and legislation to maintain food safety.


    Storing produce correctly with regards to temperature, environment and equipment is fundamental. Our regularly audited facilities and machinery serviced and calibrated, guarantee optimal storage conditions for fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Sorting & packing

    Our sorting and packing capabilities ensure that we can promptly detect and eliminate any and all deviations from the norm in our produce. Our goal is full satisfaction of our clients.


    The specificity of food products, especially those with a short shelf life, presents us with multiple challenges. In order to provide our customers with high-quality products at an attractive price, we pay special attention to the speed and continuity of deliveries.

    We use the services of the best transport companies that ensure the proper conditions for the transport of our products. We pay special attention to the quality of the fleet of vehicles being used, as well as to professional route planning. We are aware of the impact of these factors on our environment, especially at such a large scale of operation.

    Our partners

    We work with business partners who share the same or similar values to ours. The best of them undergo compliance audits. As a result, we can guarantee to all parties cooperating with us that the processes we conduct consist of equal, responsible and economically sustainable activities.


    We organize all our activities based on the idea of sustainable development. We believe that the rapidly growing demand for food can go hand in hand with stable and efficient production, while maintaining the unwavering performance and integrity of the earth’s ecosystem. At the same time, we take care of four important business elements – distribution, our partners, our people and the environment.

    Our certificates

    Care for the environment

    Care for the environment is one of our greatest responsibilities. We know that healthy water, soil and air are essential for the cultivation of the highest quality produce. We try to make sure that the negative impact of production on the natural environment is as low as possible – from cultivation to delivery, we use resources in the most sustainable way possible.


    We assure the appropriate development of our employees by providing courses and training programs or funding learning foreign languages. Partially thanks to this, full commitment to work is felt at every level of the organization. Furthermore, we put people’s health and safety first, respect human rights, and promote a healthy lifestyle.